Career Opportunities...

We are always on the lookout for good staff. Here at Haldeman we recognise high performance and believe in rewarding excellence.

We have a number of staff working from our offices engaged in a range of roles. These include:

- Content and material development
- Order preperation and despatch
- Sales
- Customer Support

The main pre-requisite is that you must be literate and have an interest in writing.

Current vacancies are added to this website when advertised, however we are happy to accept applications at any time. These may be directed to The primary requirement is that we require highly literate staff members

Our Publications

The following is a sample of the materials we author and publish.


Radio Communications

Providing uptodate materials on establishing radio stations throughout the USA, United Kingdom and Australia.


Career Development

We provide materials on a range of industries, however we specialize in the resources sector.


Personal Development

These publications commonly deal with sensitive issues such as children, home and family matters.